By Elena Stidham
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As of press time Tuesday night, results were unofficial and will be updated today on the Times’ website ( and in Thursday’s Noblesville Times.
There are 260,130 registered voters in Hamilton County and as of press time there were 166,744 votes (a 64.10 percent voter turnout). 
After an intense, expensive and historical race for the Fifth Congress District seat, Republican and State Sen. Victoria Spartz had a slight lead over Democratic challenger and State Rep. Christina Hale.
Keeping the pattern, it ended up being no surprise that County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt enjoyed a strong lead for County Commissioner for District 3 by almost 40,000 votes. 
Republican Susan Byer looks to be the winner in a race that was thought to be close, but wasn’t. The same was true for county surveyor where incumbent Kent Ward won easily as well. 
In another closely watched contest, the three county council at-large seats were undecided. However, Republicans Sue Maki (88K votes), Brad Beaver (78K votes) and Steve Nation (73K votes) easily outdistanced the competition.
The rest of the county results are listed as follows:
Attorney General: Todd Rokita (R)
State Senator, District 20: Scott A. Baldwin (R)
State Senator, District 30: John C. Ruckelshaus (R)
State Representative, District 24: Donna Schaibley (R)
State Representative, District 29: Chuck Goodrich (R)
State Representative, District 32: Anthony J. (Tony) Cook (R)
State Representative, District 37: Todd Huston (R)
State Representative, District 39: Jerry Torr (R)
State Representative, District 88: Chris Jeter (R)
County Auditor: Robin M. Mills (R)
Carmel Clay School Board, At Large: Katie Browning and Louise Jackson
Hamilton Heights School Board, White River Township: Gretchen S. Pennington
Hamilton Southeastern School Board, Delaware Township: Amanda J. Shera
Hamilton Southeastern School Board, Fall Creek Township: Suzanne Thomas
Hamilton Southeastern School Board, Wayne Township: Sarah E. Parks-Reese
Noblesville School Board, At Large: Stephanie D. Lambert, Laura L. Alerding and Evan Elliott
Westfield Washington School Board, District 1: Jimmy Cox
Westfield Washington School Board, District 3: Carl (Mike) Steele
This story will be updated with final results tomorrow.

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