Letter to the editor: Wanted: A candidate

America must elect political candidates with real-world leadership and problem-solving skills.

The political landscape in America must undergo a monumental shift in political leadership if we are to retain this “Great Experiment” that we all call America. We must identify, recruit and elect battle-hardened candidates who have the ability to lead during chaotic and difficult times. These candidates must be our best-educated, most morally fit and most selfless citizens. In short, we must look to our military veterans to step up and lead. My friend Chris Jeter, who is running for Indiana House District 88, in the Republican primary on June 2, is just that kind of leader.

Our military veterans have been vetted, tested and proven themselves in situations that are every bit as chaotic as our current national emergency with COVID-19. These veterans have been in these situations before and won’t blink when hit with chaos. Instead, they fall back on their training, skills and competency to assess the situation, work with professionals and find solutions.

Candidates with military backgrounds are patriots and problem-solvers. They have significant experience outside the military in business, law, medicine and government.

So, when you head to the polls in May and November, regardless of your party affiliation, take a look past the usual candidate with all the endorsements and insider money. I ask that you take a look at my friend, Chris Jeter, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Indiana state representative, District 88. 

Greg Jensen


Editor’s note: House District 88, includes parts of western and northwestern Hancock County. It formerly was represented by House Speaker Brian Bosma until his retirement this year. Candidates in the Republican primary seeking to replace him are Chris Jeter and Leah McGrath.

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